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Humberto Guerra: El signo de la salamandra

Apenas empieza el año 2023 y ya hoy me golpea la noticia, llegada desde mi pueblo natal en Pinar del Río, de la muerte de un buen amigo, el dibujante, escultor, artesano y diseñador escénico Humberto Guerra. Humberto Guerra en su estudio. Copyright ©️ de la imagen a su autor. Hay mucho que pudiera decir …

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In the shell

Notes on El Gran Apagón by David Horta In 1990, Pinar del Río still looked pretty much the same as Oliva had painted it two decades before. The village’s comings and goings were different now, though. Beneath the artist’s neighborhood, known as La Alameda, was now a network of underground chambers, like giant wormholes penetrating …

The joys and sorrows of El Malecón

Every harbor city has its own sea wall, which its citizens either turn their backs on, as the edge of an abyss or foreign menace, or flock to, seeking horizons to dream about. In Havana, El Malecón, the sea wall that protects the city from the wrathful waters of the Atlantic is a meeting place from dawn to dusk for all kinds of people running away from ennui and melancholy, or looking for peace, or perhaps looking for themselves.